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Errata for Version 5 of Sarge Book

(Released June 2005) Sarge Book version 5 can be obtained from

Errata List

  • /etc/motd lists incorrect kernel version
  • Delete /etc/*old files

  • dhcp client would not work. [That's odd...this worked automatically for me and a wireless pcmcia card...B.D.]
  • touch screen wildly inaccurate at times. [That's a known, unresolved kernel issue. So sorry. B.D.]

  • Autorepeat keys in Window Maker don't work by default. This seems to be a minor bug in X of some sort. Put "xset r rate 500 40" in your .xinitrc file and you'll get autorepeat keys working by default when you start X. "xset r" alone is supposed to turn on autorepeat keys, but it doesn't.


I installed udhcp and used the command udhcp -i eth0 after inserting pcmcia card.

Otherwise I found the installation simple. No harder than any other debian install I have tried smile Good work.

I have binaries of pine I compiled on the netBook if there isa central repository to put them. [You can upload them here by clicking on one of the buttons below. But perhaps we need a new wiki page for uploaded applications. B.D.]

Add Ons (Left over from the To-Do List)

These were deemed to be applications that the user could easily install using, e.g., apt-get, and so not included in the release.

  • Replacements for main EPOC apps Agenda/Word included too [See Main.EpocLinux for linux equivalents to EPOC applications.]
  • PDF reader? [Use ghostscript - gs, gv, or xpdf. B.D.]
  • Ability to print - PCL/PJL as bare minimum [Left to the user to install printing packages]
  • Perhaps include an ntp time update in the startup script to set the clock (using GMT & setting the correct locale will give your local time.

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