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Applications compiled for the netBook.

These are binary files for installation to the netbook. They are binary applications that are not readily available elsewhere at this time. These applications have been compiled by others on the indicated system (Debian, Open Embedded?, etc.). Applications compiled on one flavor of linux may not work on another flavor - your mileage may vary.

To the best of my knowledge, optimal compile options are "-O2 -mcpu=strongarm1100 -mtune=strongarm1100" - we'd be happy to have suggestions for other compile options to get the most out of the netBook's sa1100 cpu!

Don't forget to "strip" your binaries!

File uploads to this table are limited to 1.0MB in size; larger files can be linked to elsewhere.

Application Binary tarball/deb/ipk for Download Comments/Links
Dillo Web Browser dillo-0.8.5-SA1100.tgz Version 0.8.5 of Dillo - source from . Compiled on Sarge Book (Debian 3.1) with "-O2 -mcpu=strongarm1100 -mtune=strongarm1100" options. SSL is not enabled - which, it doesn't work very well yet anyways. Install with "tar xfz dillo-0.8.5-SA1100.tgz -C /usr/local"
md5sum: 04dd537695fc4109bbcfbd77e09fe38b
Access X accessx-0.951-arm-bdd.tgz The Access X application ( is an open source utility to set and display all of the XKEYBOARD (XKB) Access X features.
md5sum: b4680698e675367b5ef33b0514ecf2f7
dcalc dcalc-2.12-arm.tgz dcalc is a console based RPN calculator ( A precursor to the famous EPOC dcalc ( and unix gdcalc ( Very fast. The tarball has three files - the binary, the man file and a README. Put them where you like!
md5sum: 3a2062940b398849651079c82b4dc781.
flwriter flwriter-0.3.1-sa1100.tgz flwriter is an wordprocessor application from - xd640 is a simple graphical desktop environment for X-Window. The goal is to create a set of light weight and fast applications running on a slow computer and on a small screen and released under the BSD license. xd640 is based on the fltk-utf8 toolkit. While there are several applications within xd640 of potential use to the netBook, the most frequently cited is flwriter, which has been compiled for netbook in this package. The application has been statically linked (by default) so it is a single binary of ca. 1 MB in size. Install with "tar xfz flwriter-0.3.1-sa1100.tgz -C /usr/local", or just unpack the tarball and copy the flwriter binary to /usr/local/bin. You can also get and install the dictionaries from the xd640 site mentioned above. The complete xd640 package (including fltk-utf8) compiled for netbook can be downloaded from the link below.
md5sum: 073558974bfffafde14e40418a48ed8c.
xd640 xd640-0.3.1-sa1100.tgz xd640 is a simple graphical desktop environment for X-Window. The goal is to create a set of light weight and fast applications running on a slow computer and on a small screen and released under the BSD license. xd640 is based on the fltk-utf8 toolkit. In addition to flwriter (above), xd640 has things like a clock, a file manager and a simple text editor. A 7.3 MB tarball. Install with "tar xfz xd640-0.3.1-sa1100.tgz -C /usr/local",
md5sum: 86dade86648cb13371e1f6576d9b1ce3
xinvaders xinvaders-2.1.1-sa1100.tgz Classic arcade game - works well on netBook! Install with "tar xfz xinvaders-2.1.1-sa1100.tgz -C /usr/local". Installs to /usr/local/games.
md5sum: 9c3776e64ec10fad3d8104cf38f1ea8d
xephem xephem-3.6.4-sa1100.tgz So that you will know where the invaders (c.f., above) are coming from, here is xephem, an advanced planetarium application. xephem works fine on the netBook, although it can be a little slow updating the star chart. The file /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XEphem has the default X resources/configurations for xephem, and these have been adjusted here for the netBook to some extent. xephem is a ca. 7MB size package, mainly because of the data bases and image files that go along with it. Has the moon locations for the various planets, etc. xephem can also be used to control a telescope over the netBook's serial port, I believe. Requires the Debian lesstiff1 package. The "help" command is set to use dillo - although incorrectly, which is just as well, because looking at the "help" html file with dillo caused my netBook to crash (repeatable!) You might set the browser to be, e.g., links or firefox. Install with "tar xfz xephem-3.6.4-sa1100.tgz -C /"; xephem is installed to /usr/local(bin, share/xephem, man), with the exception of the aforementioned X resource file. This package is posted here with the permission of xephem's author.
md5sum: c247193f470726a87db78873cdb288f6
SIAG siag-3.6.0-sa1100.tgz The Scheme In A Grid (SIAG) Office Suite package contains a number of useful "office" applications, a spread sheet (siag) and a WYSYWIG word processor (pathetic writer, or pw): "Siag Office is a tightly integrated, free office package. It consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW, the animation program Egon, the text editor Xed Plus, the file manager Xfiler and the previewer Gvu." The egon binary in this compiled package seems to just segmentation fault on my netBook, however. Install with the 2.7 MB SIAG package with "tar cfz siag.tgz -C /usr/local".
md5sum: 85bddffca19de7b8a576c93ee6a5e084
Index index-arm.tgz Index is a very old, console-based, application that is similar to Epoc's "Data" or "Contacts": "Index is used to maintain simple databases such as address lists, lists of books or compact discs, and so on. All databases are stored as simple text files in a single directory." There is no webpage for index. Try it out - it works well and costs nothing to try! 17 KB package. Unpack this tarball in its own directory and then copy the bits where you like. Version 1.2 (dated 1990)
md5sum 2840d456713ad2aad84152262674197d

-- BrianDushaw - 01 Jul 2005
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I Attachment sort Action Size Date Who Comment
dillo-0.8.5-SA1100.tgz manage 199.7 K 01 Jul 2005 - 01:35 BrianDushaw  
accessx-0.951-arm-bdd.tgz manage 14.7 K 01 Jul 2005 - 06:22 BrianDushaw  
dcalc-2.12-arm.tgz manage 24.9 K 01 Jul 2005 - 08:20 BrianDushaw  
flwriter-0.3.1-sa1100.tgz manage 641.3 K 04 Jul 2005 - 21:54 BrianDushaw  
xinvaders-2.1.1-sa1100.tgz manage 22.2 K 05 Jul 2005 - 03:23 BrianDushaw  

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