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Linux Equivalents to EPOC Applications

Some EPOC applications have rough equivalents in Linux, while some do not. This table lists equivalents that we know about. Often the Linux equivalents do not work quite as efficiently/fast as the EPOC applications, though frequently the equivalents are more fully featured. As they say, your mileage may vary...

Bear in mind that EPOC and Linux are not the same, so asking for equivalent applications is a little like asking for oranges that look and taste like apples.

EPOC Application Linux Application Comments
Word Abiword Works for simple documents
Word LaTeX A document creation system which produces properly typeset documents via a markup style language. Needs some very large packages to install
Word Lyx Effectively an easy to use GUI for La Te X?, also has some quite large dependecies. Works nicely with small screens.
Word/Spreadsheet SIAG Office Basic general office package, . Binaries for netBook available from (SIAG=Scheme In A Grid)
Word Flwriter Very simple word processor, less advanced than abiword, (Binary package for ARM can be found here: )
Word Ted Another very simple word processor, includes PDF exporter, There are Debian packages of Ted for ARM.
Web/Opera Dillo Fast and small, but not fully featured. (Binary package for ARM can be found here: )
Web/Opera Firefox Slow and large, but very fully featured.
Sheet gnumeric Requires some gnome packages; rather large.
E-mail Slypheed Fairly lightweight GTK+ email client. Uses mh format allowing compatibility with lots of other email clients,
Contacts gpe-contacts GPE is a linux system but there is a Debian package for gpe-contacts
Contacts index A very old, very simple but very effective console-based contacts manager. ARM binary: index-arm.tgz
Agenda GPE calendar,daily summary and time tracker. Part of the GPE system from,
Agenda plan plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif; month calendar with appointments.
Calculator gdcalc A cool RPN calculator; ARM binary from
Record No sound support yet. If/when it is available GPE Voice Memo might be a good choice see
Sketch xPaint Nice lightweight paint package,
Sketch gpaint A small-scale painting program for Gnome.
Spell aspell, ispell and myspell general spell checker libraries, used by lots of applications. Can be invoked directly from the command line.
Bombs gpe-games bombs, othello, tetris, mastermind, hexxagon, lights out and a fractal generator.
Comms Minicom Of course!
Comms Microcom Cut down minicom
Text Editor vi, vim, gvim vim is a little slower than vi. gvim is a nice graphical vi.
Text Editor midnight commander midnight commander like norton commander, includes a nice menu driven editor.
Text Editor pico/nano pico/nano nice and small and a bit easier to use than vi/vim

-- BrianDushaw - 16 May 2005
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I Attachment sort Action Size Date Who Comment
index-arm.tgz manage 16.5 K 23 Jun 2005 - 09:41 BrianDushaw ARM binaries of the "index" application

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