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Applications compiled for the 5MX

These are binary files for installation to the Series 5MX. They are binary applications that are not readily available elsewhere at this time. These applications have been compiled by others on the indicated system (Debian, Open Embedded?, etc.). Applications compiled on one flavor of linux may not work on another flavor - your mileage may vary.

To the best of my knowledge, optimal compile options are "-O2 -march=armv4" - we'd be happy to have suggestions for other compile options to get the most out of the 5MX's cpu! For compiling applications, if you " export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=armv4" " before executing "configure", the Makefiles will all have the CFLAGS optimization.

Don't forget to "strip" your binaries!

Uploads to this table are limited to 1MB in size.

Application Binary tarball/deb/ipk for Download Comments/Links
flwriter flwriter is an wordprocessor application from - xd640 is a simple graphical desktop environment for X-Window. The goal is to create a set of light weight and fast applications running on a slow computer and on a small screen and released under the BSD license. xd640 is based on the fltk-utf8 toolkit. The application has been removed since it won't work on the 5MX's 4bpp screen!
gdcalc gdcalc-2.13-5MX-ARM.tgz gdcalc is an RPN GTK calculator that works well. Compiled with -mcpu=arm7tdmi -mtune=arm7tdmi. Install with "tar xfz gdcalc-2.13-5MX-ARM.tgz -C /usr/local/". Seems to require a few gnome libraries (libgnomeui, libgnome, libgnomesupport, libesd, libaudiofile).
md5sum: 70a7f529227ae09d1c44732fcfe1b215
teapot teapot_1.07-arm.tgz
Table Editor And Planner is a spreadsheet calculator for console, similar to sc and slsc. It has more features and can work with XDR, ASCII, SC, WK1 and CSV files. Requires ncurses. Compiled without arm7tdmi optimization, and should work on a netbook too. Install with "tar xzf teapot_1.07-arm.tgz -C /usr/local/". Documentation and examples go to "/usr/local/share/doc/teapot/"
"teapot-1.07_csv_patch" fixes CSV loading and saving.
fbi is an image viewer for console. Patched to make it work with 4bpp grayscale framebuffer found on 5MX. It understands Photo CD?, jpeg, ppm, gif, tiff, xwd, bmp, png. fbi compiled with "-mcpu=arm7tdmi -mtune=arm7tdmi". Install with "tar xzf fbi-2.03-4bpp-arm7tdmi.tgz -C /usr/local/". Manpages go to "/usr/local/share/man/man1/"
- libpcd2
- libungif4g
- libpng12
- libtiff4
- libcurl3
- libfreetype6
- fontconfig

"fbi-2.03-4bpp-patch" adds 4bpp grayscale to fbi.

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I Attachment sort Action Size Date Who Comment
gdcalc-2.13-5MX-ARM.tgz manage 112.8 K 20 Jul 2005 - 08:46 BrianDushaw  
teapot_1.07-arm.tgz manage 130.9 K 26 Jul 2005 - 22:26 AlexOrlov  
teapot-1.07_csv_patch manage 3.1 K 26 Jul 2005 - 22:14 AlexOrlov  
fbi-2.03-4bpp-arm7tdmi.tgz manage 60.8 K 29 Jul 2005 - 09:35 AlexOrlov  
fbi-2.03-4bpp-patch manage 6.0 K 29 Jul 2005 - 09:35 AlexOrlov  

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