2. Credits

This document has been passed down through several versions of HOWTOs. It was derived from a derivative of the original booting-howto written by Stephen Harris and additions by George Wright. The bulk of the credit for OpenPsion on the 5MX goes to those dedicated hackers who got the working kernel up and running and the various bits of hardware working. The credits list for the present document is as follows:

  1. Wookey

  2. Brian Dushaw

  3. Tony Lindgren

  4. Thomas A. de Ruiter

  5. Nathan Catlow

  6. George Wright

  7. Stephen Harris

Most of these folks have moved on to other things in life, so there is little use trying to contact them - the mail list is the place to go.

Please see the openpsion website (or more directly linux-7110.sourceforge.net for the more excellent people involved in the port.