My 5MX has frozen up! How do I reset it? See page 185 of the 5MX User Guide for where to find
the reset hole in the lithium backup battery compartment.
Gently push the reset button using a paper clip or some
such thing.
You can reboot from linux or stop the X server by using
<Ctrl><Menu><Del> From X this stops the X server, from
a console it causes a reboot.
If your X server has crashed or frozen up, you can perhaps
change consoles by <Menu>2 (or 3 or 4 ...) depending on if
you've set up alternate consoles in /etc/inittab. This will
let you manually kill the X server, so that you can get back
to the original console.
If there is something amiss with your compactflash setup causing
the reboot to fail, you may have to take out the compactflash
before the reboot, so that you can fix the problem on it after
EPOC is up and running.